Support for the Tyrone Community Centre

  • As soon as Corinna was elected in 2010, she moved to restore the traditional “Breakfast with Santa” free event at the Tyrone Community Centre, and she implemented “Cookies, Coffee and Carols” in December, 2011- a joint initiative between the Tyrone Community Centre and the COAA to bring programming to older adults living in Tyrone and in October 2016, Corinna made sure as Tyrone Community Centre Liaison that Staff repaired the Tyrone cenotaph.
  • She also helped plan and helped run Kitchen Pub Nights, Spirit Day, and the Dutch Dinner at the Tyrone Community Centre.
  • When faced with potential permanent closure as a result of ongoing financial difficulty during COVID-19 in 2021 Corinna introduced a Motion to address short-term and long-term challenges faced by community hall boards across Clarington. The local newspaper covered this here. Her Motion resulted in the Municipality covering community centre costs for the proof of vaccination process and for snow clearing.
  • Corinna also asked Staff, as part of the Motion to report back with proposals to address longer-term challenges facing local rural hall boards. As these costs will be covered by provincial government funding, there is no tax levy impact for residents.

Corinna knows that Hall Boards are the backbone of our communities, especially in rural areas, and she was happy to have been able to help them in this small way – not just the Tyrone Community Centre, but ALL rural hall boards benefitted from the Motion.

  • Corinna is also extremely proud of the Celebrate Agriculture, 2017 Legacy Project: this subcommittee of Durham Farm Connections & Durham Federation of Agriculture has an educational mandate to promote celebration of our Agricultural achievements on an annual basis, promote the further education of the general public on the importance of the Agricultural economy to our local economy, as well as to provincial and national economies.
  • Celebrate Agriculture identified a project for 2017 that will put spotlight on our Agricultural accomplishments in the Region as a whole and the impact those accomplishments have had and continue to have on Nation.
  • In Durham, many community museums and libraries are joining to help celebrate the important industry but unfortunately, there is no permanent place central to all communities to showcase Durham’s accomplishments in Agriculture.
  • Agricultural leadership in Durham second to none: we need only look to the Massey fam in Newcastle, the Tyrone farmer with a small winter hobby that became General Motors of Canada (Robert McLaughlin); a world renowned race horse born and raised in Oshawa, one of first counties to form a 4-H Leadership Association, seven annual fairs of which six are older than Confederation and combined have an attendance of 75,000 residents and Durham is the second original founding community for the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada.

Corinna supported the following resolution:

  1. Council and Municipality of Clarington assist in this legacy project by allocating space in their Municipal Offices for a temporary Heritage agricultural exhibit in 2017 as well as a permanent location for a plaque commemorating the Pioneer Farm Families of Durham (families that have farmed in Canada for 150 years and now farm in Durham).
  2. Council submit to Region of Durham and all municipal Councils of Durham a request to support this project and a permanent Agricultural Wall of Fame in a prominent Durham Region location to showcase our heritage accomplishments from 1867 to modern times.