As the only candidate who grew up in Bowmanville and who is the owner of a local business, Corinna has deep roots in her community.

Having graduated from the University of Toronto, Corinna put herself through law school while also volunteering a Legal Aid clinic. Re-elected three times as Councillor, Corinna has been a strong voice for residents.

As a wife who is a caregiver for a disabled family member, Corinna has balanced building a successful law practice with her Council responsibilities while serving as Board member on the Samuel Wilmot Nature Area Advisory Committee, Tyrone Community Centre Hall Board and Bethesda House Women’s Shelter.

She is committed to public service and understands the struggles facing working families in Clarington. As a member of the Bowmanville Business and Professional Women’s Club, she is also an advocate for small
business owners.

Why choose Corinna?

I am committed to finding ways to keep money in people’s pockets, to demanding the highest levels of accountability and to making sure that we deliver the services people expect while fighting for lower taxes. The key is threefold: find efficiencies so we can make investments to create jobs and to grow our economy. Ward 3 residents should have more job options close to home.


Corinna is the only candidate who has been endorsed by the Clarington Professional Firefighters Association Local 3139 for three consecutive elections.She is a preferred candidate because of her commitment to public safety.

In response to flooding in her community, Corinna also spearheaded the development of Clarington’s first waterfront emergency plan and continues to work to protect residents and their homes in high-risk areas.

If re-elected, Corinna will ensure that pumper and rescue trucks are staffed with at least four (4) full-time firefighters 100% of the time and she will advocate for the construction of a new full-time fire station in North Bowmanville.

Advance Polls
Garnet B. Rickard Arena
Maranatha Christian Reformed Church
October 13th – October 17th
10am – 8pm


She supports low taxes

As one of the most fiscally conservative members of Council, Corinna is known for curbing spending while building safe and strong communities.

Corinna approaches every budget with two goals: to save taxpayer money while maintaining service levels and making key investments to grow the economy.

Relying on her legal training, she reviews line-by-line to find efficiencies and has supported millions in savings– including almost $2 million in savings from the 2017 budget.

Corinna is not afraid to say “no” when it comes to protecting your pocketbook: she only supported four of the last eight budgets.

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