Corinna's Platform



Extending Baseline Rd. to Bennett attracted Toyota to Ward 3

Clarington is home to 3 of the top 100 largest projects in Canada. Corinna supported expanding the Port Darlington Water Control Plant and introduced the motion to rehabilitate the Quarry Bridge to allow for larger trucks to enter and exit the industrial park.

Corinna moved the $1.3 million Lake Rd. extension which opened up 100 acres of serviced industrial land.

Corinna supported rehabilitation of Quarry Bridge to open up the Business Business Park

Keeping tax rates competitive and attracting big employers like Toyota and Canopy Growth will take the burden off the residential tax payer. Corinna will extend services to employment lands so businesses can expand and re-locate to provide jobs, she will support Project Labour Agreements to hire local workers for local projects, and she will continue to lobby for a new 401 Lambs Rd. interchange



As Chair of the Clerks Department, Corinna introduced a program to register license plates electronically for parking. She also oversaw changes to make voting more accessible and to save staff time by permitting mail-in ballots and automated vote counting equipment.

Corinna will introduce internet and telephone voting to help those with mobility problems vote, to save money, and to help make your voice heard.

She will also work with Veridian and Durham Region to bring “dark fibre” for affordable high speed internet for rural residents.


As the daughter of historians and a Classics graduate herself, Corinna is the only candidate for Ward 3 who has a record of commitment to preserving the World War Two P.O.W. site, which was designated a National Historic Site in 2013. As a member of the Camp 30 Task Force, Corinna helped to establish the Jury Lands Foundation. Securing the site for future generations to enjoy was a campaign promise of Corinna’s in 2014 and she will continue to support all efforts to acquire the site and secure long-term funding for its preservation.

For a complete outline of all the things Corinna has done to preserve Camp 30, click HERE


Corinna is committed to curbing sprawl by making sure development and environmental protection go hand-in-hand and our “small town feel” is preserved. This is why she supported the transfer of 34 acres in the Soper Creek Valley (the former Bowmanville Zoo) to the Municipality at no cost to be opened up for recreation, including a new soccer field and 3km of trails. 

If re-elected, Corinna will build a refrigerated ice skating trail on the former Zoo site. To do this, she supported amending the Development Charges By-Law to include ice skating trails, so there will be no impact on the tax levy. The ice skating trail can be lighted at night, and provides the opportunity for synergies with the private sector, such as food and beverage concessions  or artisan shops. 

Corinna’s record on building strong communities is long.

Supported a New Twin Ice Pad Arena and Pool – As Community Services, Chair, Corinna prioritized community participation and enjoyment. For more information on what Corinna has done, and will do, to support families, click here.

Outdoor Ice Rinks: Corinna introduced the motion permitting residents to build outdoor ice rinks on municipal property;

More Doctors: Corinna supported adding 26,295 sq. feet to the Bowmanville Professional Building to accommodate up to 20 more doctors; and

Affordable and Senior Housing: Corinna helped to create the Clarington Seniors and Affordable Housing Task Force, of which she is an active member.  Currently, the Affordable Housing Task Force has raised approximately $4 million to be allocated towards building affordable housing and senior housing in Clarington. 

Corinna will NOT support the planned 25-storey twin towers at Aspen Springs as she does not believe the development keeps with the  “small town” feel of Bowmanville.

Public Gardens: . Corinna moved for approval  of the Bowmanville Garden Allotment, a public garden at Lambs’ Road.

Support for the 2SLGBTQI Community

Corinna is responsible for building Durham’s first Rainbow Crosswalk in Ward 3. Corinna is committed to authentic allyship and rainbow crosswalks make this commitment visible and recognize the diversity and inclusivity of the LGBTQ2S+ community. For Corinna’s answers to the 2022 Municipal Candidate Survey by Pflag Durham, click here.



Hundreds of Ward 3 residents work at OPG and Corinna has been steadfast in her support of the Refurbishment Project, which is on track and past the half-way point. The rebuild will create up to 11,800 jobs a year at peak of construction, and generate $14.9 billion in economic benefits to Ontario. If re-elected, Corinna will work with the Region and provincial government to keep Darlington New Build on track.


Corinna’s senior parents live in Ward 3, and her mother, Terry Traill, served as a Board Member on the Bowmanville Older Adults. Corinna has made seniors and Wilmot Creek residents a priority as Local Councillor- she even moved a motion in spring, 2014 declaring June “Seniors Month”. 

Support for Seniors Across Clarington

Health and Safety
Corinna’s was the deciding vote to staff the Newcastle Fire Station full-time and she fully supports the $300 million Bowmanville Hospital Expansion.

More Affordable Senior Housing
Recognizing the need for more affordable senior housing, she introduced a motion to amend the Development Charges By-Law to provide an exemption from payment for affordable housing projects. She also moved on October 24, 2016 that Secondary Plans be initiated and front-ended by developers to speed up the process and to help build more senior and affordable housing, and also to save staff time and resources
and taxpayer money.

Created the Affordable Housing Task Force: Corinna moved a motion for endorsement by all area Municipalities to request the Region complement Durham’s Long-Term Housing Strategy at GPA in June 2015 to address the housing crisis in Durham, where only 19 out of every 1000 units are available for rental, and seniors can expect to wait 3-4 years for affordable rental housing.

Her motion was aimed at encouraging private sector development by offering incentives such as DC exemptions and relaxed architectural controls.

Corinna’s initiative later became the Clarington Seniors and Affordable Housing Task Force, which currently has $4 million for affordable housing. For a full outline of Corinna’s actions to support older adults, click here.



Agriculture is one of the leading industries in Clarington and Corinna has a strong record supporting the agricultural community. She requested the Ministry of Transportation weigh agricultural impact equally with other factors for the GTA West Corridor Study and apply such weighting to future Environmental Assessments that affect prime agricultural land.

As part of the Celebrate Agriculture 2017 Legacy Project, she brought forward a motion to celebrate Clarington’s agricultural achievements and supported the resolution for a plaque commemorating the Pioneer Farm Families of Durham and for a permanent Agriculture Wall of Fame to showcase heritage accomplishments from 1867 to modern times.

If re-elected, she will help agribusiness grow by providing the agriculture community with the tools they need to build up our agritourism in Clarington.

Corinna has also been an active member of the Tyrone Community Hall Board since 2010. As a member of the Tyrone Community Hall Board, she introduced a Motion to help save all the local hall boards during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on her actions as a member of the Tyrone Community Hall Board, click here  to read a recent media story about her initiative. 

For a complete outline of all the things Corrina has done to support farmers, click HERE.



Corinna has made transparent government a priority: every other month, she writes an update in “Around the Creek”. Corinna feels it’s important that residents in Wilmot Creek stay informed about what’s happening in the Municipality and at Town Hall.

A Record of Success
She has also worked hard for residents and achieved results on a number of issues, from obtaining road upgrades paid for by CAPREIT to lobbying tirelessly for whistle cessation at the Bennett Road and Cobbledick Road Crossings. Corinna’s motion for a safety study for a whistle ban was successful, and at the last Council meeting in September, 2018, she moved a motion to proceed with Step 2 of the Transport Canada process for implementing the ban, and for discussions to take place among all stakeholders about a cost-sharing agreement for implementing the required safety upgrades. Councillors Steven Cooke and Joe Neal supported the motion.

Phase 8 Secondary Plan
Corinna has been instrumental in ensuring the voices of residents are heard as the Secondary Plan process unfolds, such as by insisting that the WCHA has a seat on the Steering Committee.

If re-elected, she will continue to advocate for residents:
if the Secondary Plan contemplates providing new residents access to existing facilities, Corinna will not support Phase 8 unless new infrastructure and recreational resources are provided to address the increased demand. Corinna will also make sure residents are fully aware of what’s happening so they can be involved in the Secondary Plan process by continuing to engage with them by social media, her website and blog, and “Around the Creek”.